This thematic pole led by Prof Pascal Démoly (PU-PH, Head of Respiratory Medicine in Montpellier) has established, since 1995, a very dynamic research-based on drug allergies through a consultation specifically dedicated to this problem with involvement of allergists, dermatologists, paediatricians and anaesthesiologists and public health physicians. Two units (INSERM U454 and U657) backed this project. This helped to develop a translational research with expertise in biological drug allergy, the activation of basophils, and participate in international studies. The involvement of P Demoly in the field of drug allergies led him to integrate and chair the group ENDA (European Network on Drug Allergy, European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology) on drug allergy for four years. This instigated many standardized procedures (SOPs): questionnaires, how to achieve skin tests and provocation in general or focused on a class of drugs. These standardized procedures, which are used routinely by many Europeans and non-European centres, are unique and have no comparable initiative worldwide. The group ENDA conducted multicentric studies on specific designated classes of compounds, studies involving significantly Prof Demoly and colleagues.