This thematic pole directed by Dr Isabella Annesi-Maesano (DR2 INSERM) in collaboration with Prof Anne-Marie Magnier (Professor of General Medicine, UPMC Paris Sorbonne Universités) has implemented a dynamic research network developed within several international societies, namely ERS (European Respiratory Society), EAACI (European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology), ISEE (International Society of Environmental Epidemiology), ATS (American Thoracic Society) and its members as well as national structures and societies (EHESP (School  Advanced Studies in Public Health), CESP Villejuif (EDEN “Etude sur les Déterminants pré et post natals précoces du développement psychomoteur et de la santé de l’ENfant)” directed by Dr Charles), Société Nationale de Médecine Générale) and several services of respiratory medicine in French university hospitals. This research is based on several ongoing international and national projects1. Among them, the European HEALS project of which EPAR is PI that adopts an exposomic approach to explain the development of chronic diseases including asthma and allergies (


1 European grants in the frame of FP7 and DG-SANCO PH: Gerie (Geriatric Study in Europe on Health Effects of Air Quality in Nurses) (of which EPAR is PI), SINPHONIE (Schools Indoor Pollution and Health: Observatory Network in Europe) (WPs leadership), PHASE (Public Health Adaptation Strategies to Extreme weather events) (WP leadership) MeDALL (Mechanisms of the development of Allergy). National grants: FERMA (Relationship between environmental factors and allergic and respiratory health in a rural population) (ANSES grant), Child'asthma with EHESP (ANSES grant), GERIEnat (ADEME grant), PID with the Respiratory Department of the Avicenne Hospital in Bobigny (National Committee to Fight against Lung Disease grant), SPMA (Exposure to benzene and asthma and allergies in hildhood. The 6 Cities Study. (French Society of Allergology and Clinic Immunology grant), PAALM (Allergy prevention by breastfeeding: mechanisms, epidemiology and implication for primary prevention in population) (Endowment Fund for Respiratory Research’s grant), PAISARC (Pollution Atmosphérique, Inégalités Sociales, Asthme et Risque Cardiaque : influence du contexte de vie) (ANSES grant) with EHESP. Other grant applications are presently submitted for allowing the conduction of further projects