This thematic pole directed by Prof Jocelyne Just (PU-PH, Head of the Service of allergology at Trousseau Hospital, Paris) has established a dynamic network of research developed at the Centre of asthma of the Trousseau Hospital, APHP and UPMC Paris Sorbonne Universités in collaboration with other Services of the Hospital and other hospitals (see Projects). It is developed in the context of Trousseau Asthma Program (TAP) This centre is recognized both on the clinical level (one of the rare centres in France focusing on the management of asthma and allergies in childhood) and academic (JJ is President of the college teachers in allergology, responsibility in Ile de France of the Capacity of Allergy and of the DESC of Childhood Allergology and Clinical Immunology). A mesh, under the auspices of the ARS (Agence Régionale de la Santé), is being implemented with community physicians and general hospitals in East Paris, where we will have the role of University Hospital Referee Training Officer in charge of the training of health care personnel and the management of children with severe asthma and allergic diseases. Since its inception, this pole has been very involved in clinical research. This research is based on several national and international projects ("ESCAPE" European Study of Cohorts for Air Pollution Effects, "MedALL" Mechanisms of the development of Allergy, "ARIA" Allergic Rhinitis in Asthma Initiatives).