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    The rare respiratory diseases center was created in 2007 under the framework of the national plan for rare illnesses.
    Its mission is to gather and organize information on a national level about available treatments and research efforts concerning respiratory disorders.

  • A multi sites reference center

    A multi sites reference center

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    Centre Hospitalier Intercommunal de Créteil
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COST Action 16125: ENTeR-chILD

Jan 25 2019


European Network for Translational Research in Children's and Adult Interstitial Lung Disease

Short Term Scientific Missions

are an exciting additional resource available through the Training School which aim to expand the training opportunities for both researchers and centres engaged in the diagnosis, clinical management and research on ChILD.

Several STSM’s, up to 2,500 Euros each, are available each year and are aimed at supporting individual mobility and strengthening existing networks and collaborations. Applicants may use the bursary to visit an institution or laboratory in any participating COST country or approved NNC and IPC centre (see attached). An STSM should specifically contribute to the scientific objectives of the COST Action, whilst allowing applicants to learn new techniques and practical skills. Applicants should consider if this aim is best achieved by visiting another institution or inviting an expert to a developing PCD centre to provide on-site training and expertise. STSM’s will be prioritised to provide training and skill acquisition for developing centres and for ground breaking collaborations.

The application process is now open to young researchers and developing teams who wish to travel and gain experience in a centre of excellence, or to centres developing research or clinical programmes in ChILD who may wish to invite an expert to come and train their teams in house. Applications for STSM’s: Please submit your application using the application criteria as laid out below.

  1. Applications must be made through the COST website https://e-services.cost.eu/w3/index.php?id=91. Please use the COST Action number CA16125
  2. Applications must fulfill the following STSM guidelines:
    “A STSM should specifically contribute to the scientific objectives of the COST Action, while at the same time allowing applicants to learn new techniques or gain access to specific instruments and/or methods not available in their own institutions.”
  3. Supporting documents must include
    1. A short CV
    2. A supporting letter from your supervisor authorizing the STSM
    3. A supporting letter from the Host Institution, authorizing your trip
  4. Please outline timelines in terms of dates of the visit. STSM’s can be of any duration between 5 and 90 days
  5. All expenses must conform to COST rules. Guidelines all available on the website
  6. Applicants must ensure they have any additional funding needed in place
  7. Applicants must arrange their own health care insurance relevant to the country visited
  8. The STSM is valid only within the financial year of the application. The applicant must have completed the visit and submitted a report of their visit within this financial period (before april 30th)
  9. Costs will be reimbursed on receipt of the end of visit report and submission of receipts
  10. Applicants from ITC will be eligible to receive a 50% advance on their grant money as soon as their STSM application has been approved, this will help towards upfront costs for travel and accommodation (The following countries are considered ITC: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Republic of Serbia and Turkey)

Attached is an updated guide to the STSM process
Deadline for submission End of January April 30th.

Early submissions can be approved within 30 days after submission if needed. Please send your request also to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Déclarations publiques d’intérêts

PNDS Malformations pulmonaires congénitales de l'enfant

Prénom, NomDéclaration publique d'intérêts
Alexandra BenachiConsulter
Laureline BertelootConsulter
Arnaud BonnardConsulter
Sabah BoudjemaaConsulter
Sophie CollardeauConsulter
Pierrick CrosConsulter
Christophe DelacourtConsulter
Hubert Ducou le PointeConsulter
Clémence DufourConsulter
Chantal DurandConsulter
Louise GalmicheConsulter
Catherine GarelConsulter
Isabelle GibertiniConsulter
Guillaume GorincourConsulter
Frédéric HameuryConsulter
Jean-Marie JouannicConsulter
Naziha Khen-DunlopConsulter
Frédéric LavrandConsulter
Jérôme MassardierConsulter
Céline MenetreyConsulter
Nicolas MottetConsulter
Nicoleta PanaitConsulter
Cécile PicardConsulter
Christian PiolatConsulter
Guillaume PodevinConsulter
Léa RoditisConsulter
Laurent SalomonConsulter
Agnès SartorConsulter
Rony SfeirConsulter
Catherine Thong-VanhConsulter
Caroline ThumerelleConsulter
Anne-Sylvie ValatConsulter
Laurence WeissConsulter
Norbert WinerConsulter
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Déclarations publiques d’intérêts

PNDS Dyskinésies ciliaires primitives de l'enfant

Prénom, NomDéclaration publique d'intérêts
Aline TamaletConsulter
Chiara SileoConsulter
Dominique GirardonConsulter
Hubert Ducou le PointeConsulter
Estelle EscudierConsulter
Guillaume ThouveninConsulter
Harriet CorvolConsulter
Isabelle CizeauConsulter
Isabelle HonoréConsulter
Isabelle PinConsulter
Jean-Christophe DubusConsulter
Jocelyne DerelleConsulter
Justin MichelConsulter
Katia BessaciConsulter
Laurence BassinetConsulter
Marc KoskasConsulter
Marie LegendreConsulter
Marie-Pierre RevelConsulter
Meriem RahmaniConsulter
Muriel LebourgeoisConsulter
Nicole BeydonConsulter
Pierre-Régis BurgelConsulter
Stéphanie WaninConsulter
Véronique HoudouinConsulter


Déclarations publiques d’intérêts

PNDS Pneumopathies interstitielles diffuses de l’enfant

Prénom, NomDéclaration publique d'intérêts
Rola Abou TaamConsulter
Serge AmselemConsulter
Tiphaine BihouéeConsulter
Céline BinetConsulter
Laureline BertelootConsulter
Déborah BlochConsulter
Michèle BouléConsulter
Aurélie ClavelConsulter
Annick ClementConsulter
Aurore CoulombConsulter
Pierrick CrosConsulter
Jacques de BlicConsulter
Jean-Christophe DubusConsulter
Hubert Ducou le PointeConsulter
Ralph EpaudConsulter
Michaël FayonConsulter
Laurent GouyaConsulter
Alice HadchouelConsulter
Véronique HoudouinConsulter
Marie LegendreConsulter
Nadia NathanConsulter
Meriem RahmaniConsulter
Philipe ReixConsulter
Jean-Luc RittiéConsulter
Chiara SileoConsulter
Aurélie TatopoulosConsulter
Caroline ThumerelleConsulter